What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down in the Dark in Valley View, TX; Improve Visibility of Vehicle & More

An already stressful and overwhelming experience is breaking down on the side of the road, especially when you are in a hurry. Whether you have had a relatively hard day or an already trying one, having your car incapacitated is no fun; now add the event occurring in the night time hours where visibility is low and the dangers of being on the road has increased. This recipe is enough to give anyone anxiety. Thankfully, even if you can’t phone a friend, towing and recovery firms are readily available to come to your assistance. Prior to summoning Denton Towing Company to give you a tow or roadside assistance services, we would like to offer some tips on advice on some steps to follow to increase your safety while you wait in the dark for aid.

If Your Car Breaks Down, You Should Do All of the Following

1) Illuminate yourself. Even in its fleeting moment, your vehicle will often offer a signal something is amiss before it becomes inoperable. When it does, and you know getting off the road is inevitable, flip on your hazard lights and use your assigned blinker to alert drivers of your situation as you cautiously pull off. Applying these suggestions will minimize your risk of being rear ended. Being that it is dark be sure to set your headlights to dim so you don’t blind oncoming traffic, but you can still be visible to other drivers; leave your hazard lights on until help arrives.
2) Pull off the road the best you can. For safety purposes, it is essential to pull over as far off the road as possible whenever possible. The far end of the shoulder to keep out of the way of traffic is the safest place, especially in the dark.
3) Call for emergency personnel if needed. Notify local police stations as well as medical assistance if emergency personnel are needed.
4) Exit the vehicle safely. It is best to exit the vehicle when visibility is low through the passenger side, particularly at night, but even as a safe practice during the day to decrease the risk of dangerous scenarios. Exiting the vehicle from the driver’s side can be a fatal mistake, even if the roads appear to be vacant. A few examples can be a swerving vehicle colliding into you or the driver side door, or even tripping as you exit the vehicle into oncoming traffic are a few possibilities. It is highly recommended that you do leave your vehicle by way of passenger’s side and stay clear of the road if you absolutely must get out of your disabled vehicle. For instances where it is safer to stat in the vehicle until help arrives, keep your seatbelt fastened.
5) Increase your visibility with flares and reflectors. We recommend you get an emergency roadside kit if you do not already have one. Inside these kits usually include roadside reflector triangles or flares; set them up approximately 30 feet around your vehicle to make it more visible in the darkness. You will increase your visibility to other drivers, allow emergency responders to find you better, and when towing or roadside assistance comes, they can spot you with ease in the darkness.
6) Call for towing or roadside services. Once you have completed the above steps and you are at the safest you can be, call your towing company.

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